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We believe in the “Whole Dog” approach that achieves the goal of making you the trainer.

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Each Regiment Is Tailored

Every dog, and owner, has specific needs and desires. This means that training can’t be a one-size-fits-all experience, and each of our regiments is tailored to the individuals. We evaluate our prospective dogs and clients, and offer a full away training environment with weekly progress reports. We provide each dog (and their handler) with a balanced training culture.

  • Professional vet clinic experience
  • Professional law enforcement kennel experience
  • K9 nutritional knowledge
  • Various training courses & seminars attended annually
  • Members of NASAR (National Association for Search and Rescue)
  • SARTECH III certified

Service Dog Selection, Development & Implementation

“Battle Mals” is a program that was organically born from a combination of a bond first seen in overseas military capacity, and a path of being whole again. This is why the Malinois breed was selected, and targeted bloodlines are used to highlight the Malinois as the perfect “battle” for life. They are able to be truly integrated as a protector and friend not only to veterans in need, but can provide hope, security, and strength for many.

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