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Ace is my personal protector, Battle Buddy and best friend; he is fiercely loyal, always forward & alert. His drive to work and please his handler makes him a very fun, smooth, and perfect dog to introduce training. Ace also has a naturally offensive, but completely controlled, aggression that makes him perfect for perimeter security, personal, and family protection. His offspring are proving to do the same at an earlier age, and are being trained here at K9 Steel for a special corporate security package that puts a whole new spin on dual purpose dogs. Ace is the son of a current South East Regional Schutzhound Champion.


DOB: 7 March 2007

Sire: Rico Hendrix
Dam: Tessa Hendrix
Frozen Semen collection

Rico Vergossen is without doubt, one of the strongest dogs in the KNPV world today. Rico Vergossen has extreme drives super strong nerves, a monster in Bite work with hard and full grips. He is known thought Europe and the world for his hard, extremely high driven character. Rico stands about 67 cms high and weighs 42-45 kgs. The type of dog to handle with respect. Rico is a social dog but dominant with a lot of courage.

The combination that Rico comes from is also known as one of the best ever.

His bloodline is a strong linebreed Duco 2 Seegers, a combination that has been repeated 5 times because of the super dogs this combination reproduced, see for instance Rico (previous, John ter Lindert), Jochie (Chris Race, USA) and Kwinto Doelen. Because of the strong linebreed he’s capable of reproducing his character and drives in a very dominant way like his offspring provides. Hips/Elbows/Back x-rayed Good.


DOB: 16 MAY 2005

Sire: Sam Das
Dam: Demi van Doorn-Nieuwenhuijs
Frozen Semen collection

Titles & Certificates +

Flappie, a large structure dog who is very direct and expresses intense drives in all areas of his work. A very clever dog but very powerful and handles much pressure. Super Apport and Search drives. A really workaholic and very clear in the head. Flappie always has a strong and full pushing grip. His frontal attack is very hard as you can see even at the age of 7. Flappie has many trails under his belt and has made his mark in the KNPV arena. Flappies lines goes back to some of the all timeTop KNPV producers, Robby Backhaus, Rocky van Leeuwen, Kimba Wehrens, Pecco Pegge and Arras Derks, Robby Tinnemans – 3,5.


AKC Registered
Hips & Elbows Good

Indra Von Steel has been with us from the start, and goes everywhere with us from the training field to the bed she is always at our side. She has Military ability prey & hunt drive that would propel her through any environmental stressors for her ball. She is extremely powerful with civil defense nerves. She is big and in a solid frame for a female, her Sire is an executive level protection dog who if not worth as much money as he is would have been a titled champion on a global level. Indra’s past litters have produced several agency and military working canines, equally she has produced well rounded, balanced family protectors, and title prospects.

Her puppies should be bonded and socialized early with a good training program for the first year of life and beyond. She is a very social dog with other animals and canines and warms up to people once introduced, she is the best whelping mother we have seen who enjoys playing with her pups long after whelping.


Luna is our German import female who is the foundation of our Working-line stock, and is structurally what a real German Shepard is supposed to look like and be. Luna has incredible civil defense drive, great hunt and ball drive and loves to work. Luna has made our owner fall in love with the breed again, so much that after her planned breedings she will begin the journey of titling. Luna is excellent in the house and on the field, she can be a bit dominant towards other dogs but is retrained in her establishment, she is one of the most well rounded dogs we have come across. She is also AKC registered and so are her litters despite being imported. Hips & Elbows Excellent.


Rhea is a direct daughter of the famous World Champion Stud “Congo VIKAR”. Rhea again emphasizes what a true Working German Shepard is supposed to be both in structure and temperament. She social with all but has the civil defense drive needed for any and all canine work and sport. Rhea is only a year old but we expect great things out of her and she is working first towards titling and will be implemented in our breeding program late 2019 early 2020 so stay tuned!

Past Litters & Dogs