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We have evolved this into a culture, a way of life. It’s not simply just a point in time in your schedule. Training is an ever-present, life long journey that creates balance & true harmony for both human and canine.


We specialize in targeted genetic breeding of The Belgian Malinois & The Working-Line German Shepard.

Our Belgian Malinois lines come from foundational, traditional KNPV Champions, and old-world French Ring lines. We have worked very hard to preserve, collect and honor the amazing breed that is The Belgian Malinois, the ultimate companion and protector. We also select our most social and well rounded females for breeding so that all our puppies & dogs, with proper socializing and training, make excellent family canines as well.

Our Working-Line German Shepards come from old-world champion Shutzhound/IPO lines with a focus on correct spinal, elbow and hip structure. Our focus to have all the drive and focus but with a definite emphasis on genetic health and great structure. We have also worked very hard to bring The German Shepard back to its true genetic and working form.

From an active military lens to everyday life, K9STEEL strives and takes immense pride in our breeding program. Taking experiences from the working canine down range and providing the same level of commitment, training ability and life long protection in our dogs to you.


We believe that every dog is a member of our own family and team at K9 Steel. We board on our own property, and in our own home. Our standards of health, security, and happiness are a part of your dog’s stay. We genuinely believe in affordable care, with an emphasis on a positive experience for both you and your dog.

  • Great training packages are available for all boarders


At K9 Steel, we guarantee that all of our dogs are healthy and in top condition. We do extensive medical testing, including x-rays and full blood panels, to check organ functions and blood cell counts. All of our dogs come with a 1 year full genetic health guarantee.


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